Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect makes it simple to extend your backup infrastructure into the Forward IT Cloud.
The recommended best practice rule of “3-2-1” for protecting your data is to have:

  1. At least 3 copies of the data.
  2. Store the copies on 2 different media.
  3. One backup offsite.

Veeam Cloud Connect is online storage which you can extend your existing Veeam investment into. 

Veeam Cloud Connect with Forward IT makes it easy to use and easy to setup.

Veeam Cloud Connect


Easy to Use
  • WAN Acceleration technology can provide up to 50x faster replication of data. 
  • Scheduled backups. Single TCP port with SSL encryption for end to end communication. 
  • Pay for storage consumed and per virtual machine replicated.

Easy to sign up and setup
email with the following details

  1. Total amount of required storage in GB. 
  2. Total number of virtual machines to be backed up.

If you don’t have Veeam licenses we can rent them to you on a monthly basis and manage your backups for you as a service.